4 Software Development Mistakes to Avoid at All Times

August 4, 2017 | 

Mistakes can be costly of course, we all try to avoid them as much as possible. However, some are woven into the mindset and processes meaning there could be flaws waiting to happen. Here are the top mistakes made when carrying out software development projects and how to avoid them.

4 Software Development Mistakes to Avoid at All Times
Underestimating the planning phase

Any software development project should start with planning to determine the scope of your project, the requirements and phases. To save yourself from the agony of wasted time and increased costs, you should have a detailed plan before carrying out your project. When creating your plan, make sure to include the methodology you will use, and detail the procedures and templates you will implement and utilize. Do not underestimate the time it should take to properly complete this phase and consult expertise if this is not your primary field. The errors here are exponential over time.

Having poor communication

Poor communication can lead to poorly understood requirements, costly revisions, clunky user interface and, worst, customer refusal to accept the completed software product. To prevent these unfortunate situations from happening, there should be constant communication between stakeholders about where the project is tracking, and what risks and possible scope changes have been identified. Also, there should be an acceptance criterion compiled during the planning phase and signed off by all stakeholders involved. Scrum and Agile methodology along with a clear communication chain of command will be invaluable.

Using cloud computing excessively

Cloud computing is the practice of storing and accessing data and programs over the internet rather than your computer’s hard drive. It helps businesses be more scalable and flexible, save costs and utilize a wide range of features that enable rapid growth and transformation.

It may be tempting to access as many features as possible to make your product as big as possible but, you should carefully plan how you will use cloud computing, especially during the planning phase. Make sure that your actual requirements match the available features, service plans, and suppliers.

Disregarding quality assurance

Any software development project should not end with the development itself and MUST undergo QA before, during and after development, and all that before it is released to market. Even if there are time constraints, QA should not be compromised. Common QA pitfalls to avoid include eliminating code and design reviews, eliminating test planning and performing hasty testing. A related common mistake is to believe that QA comes at the end of a project. QA Team Members should be involved with the project from the very start of planning, helping them to understand the needs and targets of the product, and offer valuable time estimates and scheduling of appropriate tests throughout the project.

If you have already committed these mistakes, do not despair. Take to heart the tips discussed above, as well as the lessons you have learned from your previous mistakes, so that you will not commit the same mistakes ever again.