8 Best UX Testing Tools

July 6, 2017 | 

UX is about two things, obviously the user and the experience. A bad experience using your app will most likely result deletion due to poor performance or other problems they encountered. But apps and websites with exceptional user experience charge a premium for usage.

Having a pleasing UX will catch the user’s interest more. But arriving at a website that is not working well will leave the impression that the business does not care and loses a chance for future possible engagements. Because of the importance of UX, there has been a lot of emerging tools that cater to UX improvements.

8 Best UX Testing Tools

Here are some of the best UX testing tools to try using:

1. Dedicate QA Testing Outsourcing Company

Ok, so this first one may not be quite what you were expecting, but it is the best tool/resource you can get. A dedicated, experienced team of testing specialist able to return every testing scenario you need, at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to build your team.

2. User Testing

User Testing gives you the option to run user experience tests yourself or be assisted by the in-house team. Recruit your target audience and conduct remote testing. This service works for websites, apps, prototypes and finished products.

3. UXPin

UXPin allows you to design your application from start to finish and enables you to record user behavior. You can listen to their comments via voice call, see their facial reaction as they navigate through your design and allow you to monitor their clicks. In addition, UXPin also provides a usability testing kit which contains templates, test reports, scripts, consent forms and more.

4. Crazy Egg

With the use of a heat map software, you can have an insight of what people are doing on your website. Their heat map identifies what is mostly being clicked by the user and the source they were referred. Also, one of their feature tools is the scroll map that shows how far visitors scroll down a page before completely abandoning it. Additional features here include providing the numbers of clicks on each item of your website.

5. What Users Do

What Users Do is an online research platform that tests different assets from your website, prototypes and app. What Users Do allows you to set tasks you want your users to perform, select possible test users and receive videos of their reaction during the testing session.

6. Usabilla

This tool offers comprehensive user experience packages. It has customizable feedback widgets you can place on your website, where users can select a particular element on your website and give visual and critical comments, click heat maps and exit surveys.

7. Optimizely

Optimizely is just like User Testing, which makes user research easier. But this application only focuses on A/B testing. It allows you to experiment freely and compare user data of two different versions of your product.

8. UX Recorder

This iOS testing suite captures user data in a variety of ways. As well as detailing every tap and swipe, this product records the user's facial expressions via the iPhone camera, and anything they may mutter during the process with the in built microphone. A great, comprehensive overview of your subject, highlighting the areas where they may struggle with in the moment reactions.