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Monetization services for leading advertisers and app developers. Advertisers rely on Tapjoy’s diverse suite of rewarded Interplay™ ads including video and rich media to impact performance. Developers utilize our technology and mobile expertise to acquire and monetize users. The Tapjoy SDK is currently embedded in over 15,000 mobile apps, reaching 520 million monthly active users. A 2016 comScore™ study confirmed Tapjoy Interplay® ads deliver an unprecedented 3x lift across all brand metrics. The company works with Fortune 500 brands and the Top 200 grossing app developers. Founded in 2007, Tapjoy is a global organization with more than a dozen offices worldwide with its headquarters in San Francisco.

tapjoy’s Needs

By 2012, Tapjoy had become very successful with their mobile advertising platform. After their initial rapid growth, their internal QA resource was not sufficient to handle the growth.

how we helped

After an initial introduction, we assigned a dedicated team of 3 testers, starting January 2013, to manually test their SDKs. The quality improvements were evident, and very soon all external testing for all Tapjoy’s products (Android and iOS SDKs, Rich Media, Dashboard and more) were transferred to us. In particular, Tapjoy saw significant improvement in:

  • The ability to find new and impactful bugs.
  • Detailed care and attention with large quantities of regression testing.
  • Ability to write detailed and easy-to-understand bug reports for their developers.
  • Open and transparent communication.
  • Self-management.
  • Our ability to quickly adapt to different working requests.
  • 24h work-lifecycle.

Due to our 24-hour life-cycle and time zone differences, we were able to fill Tapjoy’s desire to have all test results in their morning period every day, so they can send us fixes, feedback, and new builds at the end of their working day.

By handing over their products testing to us, their internal managers were able to spend more time on new features, monetization, and community management.

We also set up an automation team of 3 dedicated developers to develop their automation testing framework, and implement their automated test cases.


Since 2013 we have been a stable, reliable, and self-managing partner for Tapjoy scaling up and down with the client needs, maintaining teams of anywhere from 3 to 5 QA testers.


“Neato! I really like the Action Decorator Refactor, and a lot of these changes make things really clear. I’m really happy with this.”

James Logsdon – tapjoy engineer

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