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Outsourcing is the modern solution to the issue of producing the highest quality at cost-effective prices. Done right, outsourcing will grow your business and save you money. The advantages, however, go well beyond financial. Here are the other top reasons to invest in outsourcing:

  1. Maintain Focus
  2. During rapid growth, the back-office operations of a company also need to expand, consuming resources (human and financial) at the expense of the companies core objectives. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what's important, without sacrificing quality or disrupting service to the core of your company. Ask yourself: How much will efficiency, customer service, and productivity suffer, if you double your staff overnight to cope with a new project?

  3. Control Overheads
  4. Overhead costs of performing a particularly skilled operation are extremely high, and not easy to hire for. Consider the employment issues, equipment, space, and long-term reliability associated with internal hiring.

  5. Flexible Workforce
  6. Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal, project basis or cyclical demands, to bring in additional resources when you need them and release them when not required.

  7. Continuity and Risk Management
  8. Periods of high workload or employee turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency to operations. Gear Inc has a 95% staff retention rate, and 10 years of experience. A level of consistency that is essential to trust, and invaluable as a resource. Outsourcing provides continuity to a project whilst reducing the risk associated with high-pressure periods of demand.

  9. Staff Development
  10. A new large project may require skills that your current staff does not possess. On-site outsourcing of the project will bring people with the skills you need to your company for the duration you require them.

vietnam as the
tech hotbed
of asia

Outsourcing software engineering and Quality Assurance has never been a more viable option than it is right now. Pressures of cost restraints, overheads, and the benefits of skilled workforces with cost effective services in locations like South East Asia, are driving the industry.

Of all the emerging hot-spots Vietnam has rapidly established its dominance. As far back as 2010, The Gartner report highlighted Vietnam as one of the leading contenders. Forbes named Vietnam as the new alternative to China amidst concerns “due to the increasing costs of labor in China”. Vietnam is #3 in global off-shoring hotspot and #1 in competitive cost (Tower Watson, Services Offshoring Ranking 2013) and in 2014 Gartner elevated Vietnam to a tier 1 Location for outsourcing.

It is no surprise that Vietnam is in the top 10 countries for software engineering graduates, and shows that the high level of demand in the industry has a great supply future in Vietnam.

One of the key aspects of any successful outsourcing relationship is a continued deep understanding of the client's needs, and an in-depth knowledge of the project's characteristics. Employee retention rates play a large part in this, removing the concern of new employees needing time to become familiar with the project. The comparatively lower supply of qualified talented in locations within India, have started driving employment wage wars, and lowering retention rates. Good for the employee, but not so good for consistency in quality, and timely returns.

Vietnam’s bright future in tech is also backed by TechCrunch in a 2015 article, The Promise Of Outsourcing To Vietnam, and with the likes of Eddie Thai and Binh Tran pushing for a new Silicon Valley in Vietnam, the rise of this South East Asian Tech hotbed shows no signs of slowing down. Google chief executive Sundar Pichai visited Vietnam in December and, after meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, announced Google would help train 1,400 local IT engineers. He said, “Vietnam would soon become one of Google’s most important markets”.

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the Philippines
is the #1
ranked BPO

The Philippines is a world-leading business process outsourcing (BPO) destination for companies around the world.

The Philippines boasts:

  • an abundance of college-educated English speakers - one of the largest English speaking populations in Southeast Asia
  • top ranking as a call center destination
  • high-skilled labor at a low cost
  • strong government support - including tax breaks and subsidies to spur investment
  • healthy economic development with 6.7% GDP growth in 2017

The wealth of talent and international business expertise found in the Philippines makes it one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

The solid foundation of continual growth, quality of service, and cost of doing business makes the Philippines surpass traditional BPO destinations such as India.

Labor Force

The Filipino workforce is young and highly educated, which is one of the largest draws for companies that need help with their business processes. The average age in the Philippines is 24 years old, a demographic that has grown up during a time when the BPO industry began to flourish. This young workforce has had access to growing BPO training opportunities through independent programs and higher education institutions. Filipino workers are entering the marketplace well-equipped with the knowledge and tools needed for success. They recognize and believe that the BPO industry is one of the best employment options in the country. This makes them better suited to adapt to the changing needs of the market, remaining agile and flexible so your business can benefit from a mindset driven by customer service.

Language and Culture

Bilingual English proficiency is a defining advantage of Filipino workers over other outsourcing hubs. English is the second official language of the Philippines and the main form of communication in their education system. This setup then enables Filipinos to effectively converse with their foreign counterparts in the industry — with no language barrier.

Filipinos learn to speak English with a clear, neutral accent and possess a profound and natural understanding of global culture. Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Malay, and American influences shape the history of the Philippines and contribute to their cosmopolitan understanding of the world. Today, American and Asian pop culture permeate the country to create a population of workers who have similar interests with your local workforce. This cultural alignment has a significant impact on the quality of your outsourcing experience.

Labor Pool Availability

The majority of the population in the Philippines is available to work (the labor force participation rate as of writing is 62.1%), making the country an ideal place to outsource work for a range of industries such as accounting, customer support, IT, and legal and business support.

Low Cost

Labor costs are always a governing factor for the growth of any company - from fresh startups to global corporations. Location has a massive impact on the livable wage necessary for an employee to have a good quality of life.

The Philippines has a lower cost of living, which is an immense contributor to the lower cost of labor. Because of this low cost of living, Filipinos who work at IT BPOs can generate the same quality of service at a fraction of the cost.

Factoring in costs related to hiring time, training, staff appraisals and HR - as well as lower overhead costs for office space and equipment, outsourcing can bring a wealth of benefits to a company.

Natural concerns can arise from outsourcing to save on costs. However, lower cost does not necessarily mean a lower quality of training, service, or working environment. The team at Gear Inc. operate in the Philippines because it fits in the ‘Goldilocks’ region for outsourcing. The high level of education, language fluency, and lower overall cost of doing business creates the ideal environment for Gear Inc. to help its partners.


Central business districts, high-end buildings, office leases, and seat rentals are widely available in the Philippines. Brand-new, high-end office spaces are are a staple of the IT and Business districts throughout the country. The wealth of sites available in the country give investors the opportunity to choose the best sites to develop their businesses.

The BPO industry in the Philippines is rapidly progressing and, thanks to its solid foundation, shows no sign of slowing. Talent, culture, cost, and location, make this country the best outsourcing destination to support your business growth goals.

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how we got here

Gear Inc.’s founder, Hubert Hyungin Choi, is a graduate of MIT who moved back to his home state of California to pursue a career in software development and game design. During his time in Silicon Valley, he worked with companies from around the world and developed a special interest in Southeast Asia. He wanted to work with the young talent in the region and bring his expertise and a forward-thinking company culture to establish his own business.

Gear Inc., formerly Sixth Gear Studios, was established in 2008 as an American IT company operating out of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our core philosophy has always been to focus on people. We focus on our own people to create dynamic teams that are the foundation of our company. We also focus on the people that have established partnerships with us to handle their business processes.

This philosophy makes Gear Inc. a magnet for local and international talent who see the opportunity to develop their skills and work at a company that cares about them. This environment has been the force that has driven Gear Inc.’s operations over the past decade.

From fresh start-ups to long-established companies big and small, we work with each of our partners to deliver services centered around their needs. We work closely with our partners to ensure that our processes and workflows are best suited for them. We provide a level of attention that is unmatched by other BPO services.

what we do

we do

Gear Inc. is a business process outsourcing company. We deliver services in multiple languages across our global locations. We have established partnerships with companies in different parts of the world who have a diverse set of needs and a high set of standards. Our solutions are scalable and our team is adaptable to handle whatever is thrown at us. We have the flexibility to integrate into systems as an addition to an existing team or we can establish a team as a standalone division.

We can deliver partial or end to end service, across the entire customer journey; software development, QA software testing, operational processes, customer support, social media support services, and marketing services. All of this allows you to concentrate your time and energy on your core business practices.

team Gear Inc.

We deliver high-quality software services with integrity and transparency at reasonable prices.

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At GEAR inc. we realize that outsourcing is a big step to take. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and take advantage of our free consultation and trails. Test our years of experience and develop trust, enabling you to take advantage of workforce flexibility, scalability, high-quality and low-cost production.

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