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project based
and engagement

Project-based engagement model is recommended for those who have well-defined infrequent project requirements and deliverables. Employing this engagement model, you’ll have your project/s executed by one or more experts from skilled in your specific requirements.


We offer full project teams on both a self-managed and client-managed basis giving you the ultimate balance of resources, flexibility, and cost-saving.

Self-managed Dedicated Development Teams

Most companies either do not have the resources, or simply have no desire or intent to build their own software development department. Our full-equipped, purpose built company set-up dedicated development teams produce full-cycle development. We guide the customer to determine the preferred degree of monitoring and involvement, whilst ensuring full visibility into the project progress. Rely on our proven track record and award-winning excellence to deliver your project on time, on budget and to spec.

Client Managed Dedicated Development Teams

An ideal solution when your current strategic plans require long-term teams and you are experienced in project management of technology projects. This option gives you total control of a skilled team and communication streams, all devoted to your requirements. Our 95% staff retention rate make us particularly revered for this type of maturing project.


Outsourcing specialist development areas of your project can significantly reduce the time-to-market factor, cut down on overheads and reduce project risks. Outsourcing developers requires no extra infrastructure on your part and allows for flexible, scalable teams on demand.

GEAR inc offers contracted software developers with flexible hiring models for your varying project needs. Our versatile contracts are available on a fixed cost, retainer or hourly basis. Regardless of the Software development contract option you choose, we ensure on-time delivery and 100% client satisfaction for every project.

  • Specialized teams of developers for specific project requirement
  • Save cost and time by choosing the right hiring model
  • Reduce exposures to lawsuits & legal claims
  • Flexibility to hire proven development quality
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service plans

We believe in building trust with your outsource partner through the delivery of high-quality services, and maintaining that quality through a cost effective solution. To help facilitate these needs our service plans are designed to cover your needs and remain as flexible as possible.

fixed cost


suitable for

  • Defined plan of requirements
  • Smaller Projects with set testing needs requiring up to 100 hours
  • You are familiar with Project Management
  • Your in-house team is limited on time and resources when it comes to daily task management and you are mostly interested in the results at milestone level.
time and materials

time and

suitable for

  • Projects with shifting or hard to define parameters and needs.
  • You are familiar with high-level Project Management and your in-house team is capable of co-running the Project Management with us.
  • Flexibility to tailor the project needs at any time.
dedicated teams


suitable for

  • Long term and maturing projects.
  • Clear defined project requirements or evolving needs.
  • You wish to manage the hired team.
  • Total management control of your team and communication streams.
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justin siegel

I have been working with this company for almost 10 years. I consider myself very lucky to have access to such a talented team for a variety of company needs.

Justin Siegel

CEO, MocoSpace

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At GEAR inc. we realize that outsourcing is a big step to take. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and take advantage of our free consultation and trails. Test our years of experience and develop trust, enabling you to take advantage of workforce flexibility, scalability, high-quality and low-cost production.

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