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Data Entry Services

Big data analysis is the backbone of any successful company, regardless of your company size - SMB to Enterprise status - data forms the basis of your customer service, market analysis, marketing strategies and corporate decision making. Customer attrition and company growth are significantly impacted by the effective handling of your data. We have professionally trained staff ready to accumulate all your data entry points into systems and digestible segmentations that you designate. Giving you insights, organization, and a cost-effective solution to multiple sources of data acquisition an arrangement. A human touch capable of understanding your specific needs, presenting the data you need the way you need it.​

Data Entry Formats

There is no shortage of systems or software available to track any process you may want to monitor. The problem is collecting, collating and filtering an array of inputs to form a usable data set. We can collate data from multiple sources including but not exclusively:

  • CRM’s
  • Google Analytics
  • Mobile Gaming Analytics
  • Excel, CSV, or similar
  • Scanned Image or PDF via OCR
  • Scanned Image via manual data input
  • Catalogue indexing
  • Word Processing Extraction
  • Accounting or Billing Processes

The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

We understand the value of time. Outsourcing is not only a cost-effective solution, it is a time-effective solution. Outsourcing your data entry BPO systems allows you to concentrate on the results and spend that saved time acting on your findings, developing better services, and growing your customer base. In addition, outsourcing is a highly flexible approach to scaling up or down your projects as and when needed. Outsourcing is the modern solution to the issue of producing the highest quality results at cost-effective prices. Done right, outsourcing will grow your business and save you money. The advantages, however, go well beyond financial. Here are the other top reasons to invest in outsourcing:

1. Maintain Focus

During rapid growth, the back-office operations of a company also need to expand, consuming resources (human and financial) at the expense of the company's core objectives. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what's important, without sacrificing quality or disrupting service to the core of your company. Ask yourself: How much will efficiency, customer service, and productivity suffer, if you double your staff overnight to cope with a new project?​

2. Control Overheads

Overhead costs of performing a particularly skilled operation are extremely high, and not easy to hire for. Consider the employment issues, equipment, space, and long-term reliability associated with internal hiring.​

3. Flexible Workforce

Outsourcing will allow operations that have seasonal, project basis or cyclical demands, to bring in additional resources when you need them and release them when not required.

4. Continuity and Risk Management

Periods of high workload or employee turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency to operations. We boast a 95% staff retention rate, and 10 years of experience. A level of consistency that is essential in building trust, and invaluable as a resource. Outsourcing provides continuity to a project while reducing the risk associated with high-pressure periods of demand.

5. Staff Development

Does a new large project require skills that your staff does not possess? On-site outsourcing of the project will bring people with the skills you need in your company, for the times you require them.

Security and Privacy

We use state of the art, secure, VPN and FTP systems, and an in-house, secure server system to secure any information that is held or processed on-site. We also operate with full NDAs to any client information.

Content Moderation

Image and Video Moderation

Our systems and expert moderators, monitor, filter, and label over 50 million images and video in real time every month. We provide both End-to-End and Still Image Video Moderation. Both options provide thorough and accurate decisions on content violations.

Integrate our live moderators into your application from only 2¢ per image with reliable results and fast API response times. We can moderate your images based on either industry compliant criteria or your custom criteria. For example, you may need to classify; Advertising, Dating Profiles, Legal Compliance, Copyright and Customer Interests.

Live Video Streams

Video moderation is the process of filtering videos, keeping your video feeds free of explicit content and thereby helping you retain your brand image. Why is this process necessary? Consumers nowadays demand a greater variety of user-generated videos. If properly moderated, these videos can offer your brand great exposure.

Some genres of user-generated videos include:

  • DIY and instructional videos - These videos intend to teach people how to do anything under the sun.
  • Educational videos - Several organizations are offering a vast amount of information by uploading lectures on various courses.
  • Gaming videos - These videos include coverage of professional e-sports, game tutorials, walkthroughs, etc.

Common video moderation options:

  • End-to-end moderation involves reviewing the video in its entirety for content violations. Not everything a video contains is obvious on the surface, therefore, moderating the video content from start to finish ensures accurate judgments.
  • Still-image moderation selects still images at predetermined intervals from your videos, which can be a cost-efficient and effective moderation solution in lieu of end-to-end moderation.

Live video streaming on social media comes with its obvious hazards, with publicized incidents of live shootings, extremism, and suicide. Along with mainstream risks such as copyright and IP violations, there are many ways your online content can be damaging to you and your audience. We moderate thousands of live streams concurrently, detecting inappropriate and offensive content, and intervening where guidelines deem necessary.

Image Classification and Moderation

We moderate over 50 million images and videos in real-time every month. We offer the highest detection rate for offensive and illegal imagery, such as; pornography, gore, guns, abuse and extremist content. We filter and label custom categories such as dating profiles, Ad compliance, image category, and manage illegal content escalation. Our highly-skilled team proactively classifies millions of images and videos for training and development.

Image moderation companies have general criteria for moderating images. They usually delete from the database those images that:

  • Appear blank or broken
  • Contain drug paraphernalia or drug use
  • Contain nudity, including partial nudity
  • Contain offensive gestures or language
  • Contain violence
  • Portray hate and hate crimes

Social Media Moderation

Social media is an increasingly important customer service channel where a response is expected within minutes. We help clients to maintain their brand to offer 24/7 support and to manage urgent posts from such channels.

Flagged Content

Forums and review centers play a large part in many businesses. As app developers, we are acutely aware of the impact good reviews on the App Store and Google Play can have on revenue and brand reputation. Any sector displaying user-generated content should be moderated to filter and flag offensive content, as well as block abusive users. We have a variety of services to manage and moderate content, keeping apps, forums, social streams and dating sites, safe by preventing any unnecessary content that could cause a drop in ratings, users abuse, or brand damage.

Illegal and Radical Material

Our dedicated teams are on hand to escalate ‘live’ risks to authorities if required and filter undesired radical or propaganda material deemed unfit for your brand.

Targeting Cyber Bullying and Trolls

We apply highly accurate detection of trolls and cyberbullying. We intervene without suppressing freedom of speech for other users. Online harassment can destroy trust in a social platform, drive away high profile users and cause a reputation crisis.

Sexual Exploitation

Increasingly sophisticated methods are being used by sex offenders to exploit children, young people, and adults online. We have expertise with social platform regulations helping to identify sexual predators and online groomers, protecting those most at risk.

Hate Speech and Abuse

Countering hate speech, without suppressing users’ freedom of expression, is challenging for social platforms. An array of social and psychological techniques are applied to allow us to help filter for what is and isn’t acceptable for your brand.

Child Abuse and Illegal Images

We deliver a complete child-safety service to comply with child abuse reporting. We work with industry partners to combine known illegal image detection with a dedicated team, which reports issues, and where necessary escalates concerns directly to authorities.

Trending Product Issues

Complaints posted about your products or services have the potential to reach millions, and influence customers. Crisp actively tracks and groups specific complaints, delivers a complete overview and provides instant notification of trending issues to your product teams.

Social Media Support Representative

What is Social Media Support Representative?

It is a known fact that good a social media presence can make a huge difference to your business, industry authority and google ranking. However, a lesser known fact is that a stale social channel or presence can do more harm than no social presence at all. You can often find that the tasks end up being spread out amongst existing employees taking them away from their core tasks. This is where a social media support representative is most effective.This individual has expertise in social media channel management, article sourcing, post scheduling, customer response and even competition analysis.

What Does a Social Media Support Representative Do?

A social media support representative maintains any aspect of your social presence. This can range from inquiries and feedback to sentiment analysis, to content sourcing and distribution, and to competition analysis. You can choose to task them with handling inquiries on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, giving you a direct personal connection based on your company SOPs, scripts, voice and product knowledge. If you wish to take your online presence even further, a social media expert can analyze sentiment, perform social listening, develop keyword and hashtag strategies, and run influencer campaigns. A high-level expert will also be able to return metric analysis and perform adjustments to maximise your impact.

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