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Audio and Voice

Audio (Phone or VoIP) and Voice is a valuable tool for an effective customer experience – especially for high-touch engagements. We offer voice support in numerous languages and have experience providing this for high-profile clients.

Live Chat Support

Live and asynchronous chat are fundamental channels for cutting-edge customer service. Customers are online all the time, so it’s important that support offerings are too.

What is a Live Chat Support Agent?

Live chat is one of the fastest growing onsite support systems. Live chat agents provide immediate interactions with customers to create higher retention and conversion rates as the customer does not have to leave the site or wait for an email response. A live chat support agent is responsible for answering inquiries and assisting customers with your given chat software.

What Does a Live Chat Support Agent Do?

Live chat support agents work at the same level of understanding and technical proficiency as email support agents. They are trained in company scripts, SOPs, and product knowledge, enabling them to respond to customer inquiries in real-time. Live chat systems have proven to increase customer conversion and improve web rankings, giving your customers an immediate welcome or solution to their needs. This sets you above from typical chat bots with automated responses. Chat agents perform meaningful conversations with customers that drives leads and upholds your position of authority.

In-App and Ticket Support

Apps now dominate everyday life. Shopping, gaming, news, entertainment, all are on demand. More often than not, the customers first point of engagement from within an app is the support section. We offer in-app support to help interact with consumers, provide information and escalate issues.

Inbound Phone Support

What is an Inbound Phone Support Representative?

Inbound call center services are an essential part of the customer experience. An inbound phone support agent receives incoming inquiries, service requests or complaints and provides answers or resolutions. They have the skill, product, and technical knowledge to deal with the call personally or, if necessary, escalate the call to a specialist. Phone support representatives are often the face of the company. They are the first point of contact for many customers and therefore, need to relay the company's voice, quality of care, and professionalism.

What Does an Inbound Phone Support Representative Do?

An inbound phone support representative spans the customer care and sales division, helping to resolve issues and support the customer decision making process. They will document and log all interactions, help the clients position of authority within the industry. They must answer calls efficiently, minimize wait times, fuse technical and product knowledge to solve issues and answer customer questions. An inbound phone support representative will, of course, have excellent language skills and maintain a consistent standard of service.

Outbound Phone Support

What is an Outbound Phone Support Representative?

An outbound phone support representative is an expert in answering customers' concerns, telemarketing, and boosting sales over the phone. These skilled individuals make outbound phone calls to customers who have questions or concerns related to their purchase experience, product use or when there is a problem with their account. They work in fast-paced call centers, interacting with customers from all over the world. They are provided with the training to handle customers in an effective and friendly manner regardless of the situation.

What Does an Outbound Phone Support Representative Do?

The outbound phone representative role revolves around making outbound phone calls to customers to answer concerns, provide information about the company or product, verify customer details, and handle complaints. They are trained in the specifics of your company needs and provided SOPs, scripts and product training to avoid conversational errors and aid the customer journey. As outbound phone support representatives, they are required to exhibit excellent communication, multitasking, and troubleshooting skills.

Email Support Agent

What is an Email Support Agent?

Email-based communication is an integral part of business, and with the continued rise of intelligent email automation and onsite interactions, email management is now a full-time job. An email support agent provides direction, responses, support, and escalation, to customer's inquiries and issue. They are capable of conveying the company information and carrying the corporate message. No customer should be left waiting for email responses, and email is still one of the main forms of first contact.

What Does an Email Support Agent Do?

Working with SOP’s, scripts, or established knowledge-bases, the email support agent can rapidly and precisely deliver answers, support and technical advice to your customers directly. They are responsible for handling multiple forms of inquiries and for the organization via your given preferred software. With any international business, email support should never stop. Email support agents can respond at any time day or night, removing the concern of timezones, or out of office hours crisis management.

Customer Service Manager

What is a Customer Service Manager?

Overheads are still the number one cost for most companies and the number one reason impeding growth. BPO’s provide the perfect solution to these issues by providing cost-effective skilled customer service representatives is many areas. Allowing you the time and financial flexibility to concentrate on your core services and grow your company. These resources need to be managed to maximise their efficiency and maintain the desired metrics. A Customer Service Manager, also called Team Lead, manages a team of dedicated Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).

What Does a Customer Service Manager Do?

A Customer Service Manager is responsible for the performance of all CRSs. This includes hiring, training, performance analysis and competencies. They maintain a daily understanding of the tasks and responsibilities, organize schedules, and controls the operations of the customer service team to maintain and enhance customer relationships and meet organizational and operational objectives. As a manager, they also must provide after-sales support to customers, handle high-level complaints, requests for refunds and other feedback. They are also tasked to deal directly with customers of difficult case escalation.

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