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1. risk reduction

Moderation is a risk management method to mitigate problems for both your customers and your company. It will directly help you reduce the threats of; social PR crises, security risks, IP and Trademark violations, lawsuits and other legal issues related to scams, threats, counterfeit and illegal content. But more importantly, it acts a protection layer for your customers, online communities, and interactive services.

Filter unwanted images from your dating site, illegal content from your online store, or harmful content from your valued community, especially those at target risk such as children.

2. grow your business

As any business owner knows, reputation can be the 'make or break' of a business. A well-moderated service builds trust fast, giving you greater opportunity to expand by increasing positive word-of-mouth. Repeat business and customer retention increase on moderated sites versus non-moderated (self-driven) communities.

3. Understand Your Brand

Social moderation is not just profanity filters. Tap into the vast goldmine of information at hand to help you drive decision making. Find out how your customers feel about you and your services. Discover pain points and how to solve them through social listening and drive your marketing success forward. Moderation also helps drive your existing brand and help to enforce its status and message.

Use predefined classifications, tags, and labeling to measure your user content and further understand what drives your customers.

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