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We pioneer mobile gaming to deliver the best experiences. We believe in supporting change. The video game and technology industries are in a constant state of evolution. Understanding these trends allows us to prepare for the future of gaming and support the growing needs of both clients and consumers. We of course, hire exceptionally talented people from all over the globe that bring experience and international standards to the table, but that’s just the start. Commitment to our people is the real strength and key to success. We apply rigorous training and development systems, allowing our talent to evolve their skills alongside their careers, and stay ahead of the latest industry developments.

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Our international staff, global clients, and global titles allow us to offer Games to everyone worldwide in any marketplace. We understand the cultural barriers, and international standards that are required in any marketplace.

All our work is produced and managed in-house by our own teams of developers and designers, and is meticulously managed throughout the project life-cycle. We believe the success of any project management lies it the depth of communication. Our agile process ensures constant updates and assessment to maintain the timeline milestones and maintain flexibility for adjustments along the way.

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As the line between, Mobile, web and applications continue to blur, brand innovation will see mobile and web as the primary platform to connect with current customers, and conversion of new business. Dramatic improvements in Mobile and web infrastructure, Smart Phone Adoption, AI, Machine Learning, Wearables, IoT, AI, and VR, have opened even further opportunities for market expansion and new user adoption.

Porting, multi-platform, and parallel development, to full game creation. Get the most out of your monetization strategy, develop your art and design, and maximize GPU and CPU performance. Get full reporting at every stage and review a complete code documentation should you require it.

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We have been working together for over two years. Throughout this period, they have helped us develop, launch, and maintain our most successful mobile game ‘Tribal Rivals’, handling multiple responsibilities from engineering to technical design to quality assurance. I have yet to work with a vendor that is as technically proficient, professional, and honest. Needless to say, I highly recommend them.

Abdullah Alzabin

CEO, Lumba

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