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Making an informed choice to get the best of both worlds

Almost every project will strike a balance of Automated and Manual Testing. Our meticulous assessments and consultation of each project will reveal the effect course of progression. These assessments are also revised and refined continuously through the project.

Why you may need Manual or Automation testing

Automation is highly effective and makes up an integral stage for any kind of Regression Testing, Load Testing, and various repetitive testing tasks. Our refined scripted sessions can be run in parallel to save time and manpower costs.

When assessing UX, only Manual Testing is effective to gain insight for useful feedback. UI is also best performed manually for the most effective results. Various manual in-depth exploratory tests are applied when isolating exact conflicts and bugs discovered through Automation Testing, in cases such as security breaches and Cross-browser conflicts.

some of the diagnostic areas to consider:

  • Intuitive Interface
  • High performance
  • Data Security
  • Bug-free Functionality
  • Network and Server Connectivity
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Third Party Compatibility
  • Usability Testing
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