mobile testing

maintain a perfect connection anywhere

A company mobile app is more than a luxury. Both employees and customers alike revolve around access to data through Mobile Applications.

Over 70% of all internet traffic is done on mobile devices. This is far from the exclusive realm of social networking and mobile gaming. The Post PC revolution now commonly sees entire business revolving around the usage and reliability of mobile applications, as a direct product or to facilitate their business needs.

Why you need to test your mobile applications.

We deliver unbiased and transparent testing data services enabling you to identify bottlenecks in performance and server loads, highlight potential security risks and even enhance your mobile Application user experience. We have extensive experience in consultation of design and construction, to deliver flawless performance and direction for future iterations.

Some of the diagnostic areas to consider:

  • Intuitive Interface
  • High performance
  • Data Security/li>
  • Bug-free Functionality
  • Network and Server Connectivity
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Third Party Compatibility
  • Usability Testing
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