security testing

assess vulnerability and risk

With any software system, security should be considered throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Regardless of the target of your software, data confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and authorization is the foundation of user trust. Our penetration testing services comprise of localized and network security measuring aimed to assess vulnerability and risk. This also goes beyond product launch and can extend into support maintenance and regression testing with the development of your software over time and version iterations.

Mobile Security

The mobile device market continues to expand year on year. With the ever increasing demands on mobile functionality and relied usage, the concerns for target security have never been higher. The introduction of payment systems, ID authentication and even fingerprint and eye recognition, has moved the mobile device from a simple lifestyle aid to a business and finance capable tool. Ever increasing the need for security testing.

Product Specific Security

As with all testing protocols, full product assessment can be customized to fit your specific needs, and concerns. Your platform integration may be unique and taking advantage of the latest payment or authentication technologies. Therefore, it may not always be best to proceed with a prefabricated series of security testing systems, not matter how good and trusted they may be. Testing assessments can be customized to fit your hardware, network, and high-level security concerns.

Pre-Certification Audit

If you know your end product will require passing a specific certification, we can include custom test parameters to encompass this. Avoid the delays and cost ramifications of a ‘revert to design phase’ scenario. Should you already know your product will require ISO, IEC, PIC DSS or section compliance, allow this to be designed into your testing criteria to build confidence and receive detailed alteration suggestions from an early stage.

Vulnerability Testing

We have tested and developed multiple in-depth automation scripts that test the most commonly found vulnerabilities in web, mobile, and server based software. This rigorous automated attacking is design to highlight early security concerns.

Penetration Testing

We apply white hat ethical hacking procedures to test the weak points of your software. Security specialists apply various methodologies designed to break the security of your product, helping to aid in further security feature suggestions and product enhancements. This goes beyond the normal data integrity and authentication testing and aims to simulate a direct black hat hack attempt.

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