Why Should You Outsource Software Testing

June 14, 2017 | 

The software development project does not end with the development process. It must undergo an array of quality assurance tests before launch. If you do not have an experienced in-house software testing team or your existing team is limited on size, then outsourcing your QA is considerably more preferable to building your team from scratch. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Why Should You Outsource Software Testing

When outsourcing, you can choose the best talents from those who specialize in your specific areas of concern. Their experience will not only help you launch a more comprehensive, well functioning product, but they will also be able to advise on the testing strategy and development.

Faster results

With expertise, automation scripts and vast arrays of devices already in place, an outsourced QA team can react, scale and report in extremely efficient time frames. Even factors such as differing time zones can be an advantage for your business. In our experience, we often run and return results in Asia whilst our clients in Europe and America are sleeping.


Software quality assurance can be a daunting task for your in-house human resources. So if you outsource the testing process, your company can focus on the development process and other core company functions.

Fresh perspective

Writers’ work, however good they may be, needs to be checked by an editor. The same goes with software developers. People outside your organization can, most likely, spot flaws that the people inside may have overlooked.


Outsourcing software testing can help your company save money, resources and time. It is a vastly cost-effective alternative to internal hiring, training and providing good resources to a new or developing team.