Why We Need to Start Outsourcing 3D Game Art

July 1, 2017 | 

Today, the game development industry has evolved to be more dynamic and complex. Since the gaming industry continues to grow gradually, demands and requirements have increased, leading to higher expectations. To be able to attain well-developed gaming products in acceptable time frames and at reasonable development costs, companies are now opting to outsource development.

Due to the growing complexity of this professional field, outsourcing has proven to be able to support the efficiency of work. 3D game design is one area that requires a lot of time and effort looking into and creating every single detail needed to be able to produce and develop high-quality products.

There are several reasons gaming companies choose to outsource 3D designs.

Why We Need to Start Outsourcing 3D Game Art
Ability To Save Cost

3D design is a necessary expense in modern gaming, and salaries differentiate wildly depending on the country where the outsourcer is based. Asian countries would be lower than those in Europe for example. Interestingly though, the quality is just as high due to the popularity and higher annual revenue of gaming in Asia compared to say in America. Outsourcing takes advantage of the lower wage, negates the need to hire and equip your own personnel.


Plugging into an existing skilled workforce will cut the development and production time down significantly, as there is no hiring, training or process development needed.

Flexible, Scalable Workforce

At times, short-term projects require a particular skill that your company may be lacking. Instead of spending resources (time and money) to be able to hire directly, game outsourcing companies have access to a pool of talented individuals that can provide you the needed skill in a shorter time. This can then be scaled up or down to suit your project needs. It is considerably more difficult thing to do with an internal workforce.

Opportunity For Improvements

Another reason you should consider to start outsourcing 3D game designing would be the opportunity for improvements. You may have a talented team of artists who can cope with current workloads, but this does not mean that there are no other professionals who can improve your project. Outsourcing can help in reducing the repetition of styles by adding new artist creativity, inspiring your existing workforce.

Outsourcing game companies can be beneficial to your business regarding productivity, efficiency, cost, and even inspiration. It does also come with its risks but, with the proper management and strategy done, outsourcing will be worth the risks for better company improvements. Here is a helpful guide on choosing the right outsourcing partner.